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Davide Berretta is half Italian, half American. His writing has appeared in The Christian Science Monitor, Foreign Policy, International Herald Tribune and other publications. davideberretta(at)gmail.com

Callie Enlow loves small magazines and hopes to start her own one day. For now, she enjoys writing about music and translating hard science into good stories. radicallie(at)gmail.com

Zeb Esselstyn was raised in Cleveland, Ohio, and spent much of his adulthood out West. He wants to write about the environment and energy, and still thinks music can change the world. He admires practical solutions, creative thinking and abundance. zebhorse(at)gmail.com

Afton Ginlock graduated from the University of Florida. She has worked as a full-time and freelance feature writer and an English teacher. After Columbia, she hopes to write about race, culture and entertainment. Because she fell in love with her magazine editing class, she hopes to become an editor. aginlock(at)gmail.com

Lauren R. Harrison is a recent graduate of Roanoke College, where she was elected to Phi Beta Kappa. Her writing has appeared in Edge Boston, Metroline, The Potomac, Red Magazine, Sapience and other publications. She is a published poet with a passion for investigative reporting and cooking. laurenrharrison(at)gmail.com

Garin K. Hovannisian lives in Los Angeles and Yerevan, Armenia. He keeps a blog at www.LuckyFrown.com. His writing has appeared in The Christian Science Monitor, Hustler, Liberty, Los Angeles Times, National Review, Slate and The Weekly Standard. hovannisian(at)yahoo.com

Anna King once had a summer job selling snow globes at the Statue of Liberty gift shop. Her life has improved since then; she currently blogs about film for Time Out New York, and enjoys spending time with her new collection of pornography magazines. ahk2129(at)gmail.com

Evan Lerner is a magazine editor and writer whose areas of expertise include biotechnology, digital culture and professional wrestling. Under his editorship, GeneWatch magazine won an Utne Independent Press Award. elerner(at)gmail.com

Daniel Luzer is originally from Vermont. He is the co-founder and features editor of Polite magazine. From 1991 to 1992, he was the editor of The Poultney Broadsheet, his elementary-school newspaper. daniel.luzer(at)gmail.com

Matthew Miller’s first book, Lili Marlene: The Soldiers’ Song of World War II, will be published by W.W. Norton this fall. mmiller631(at)hotmail.com

David Riedel plays a wicked set of drums and has run two marathons. Before attending Columbia, he was a television producer. He keeps a blog at davidriedel.wordpress.com. His work has appeared in The Chico News & Review, Crawdaddy! and The Sacramento News & Review. davidriedel(at)gmail.com

Mengly Taing believes every little girl should grow up to feel beautiful. But to her, beauty is more than just fashion. In 2004, she organized a fashion show with ELLEgirl to raise money to construct a library in Cambodia. Her writing has appeared in Venus and Women’s Wear Daily. mengly.taing(at)gmail.com 

Adam Weinstein is a Navy veteran whose writing has appeared in Mother Jones, The New York Times and The Village Voice. He appeared on JEOPARDY! three times in 2005 before forgetting that the fourth largest state was Montana. He bought a large tattoo with some of his prize money. damnthetorpedoes(at)hotmail.com

Michele Wilson worked at healthcare publisher HCPro, Inc. for five years before coming to Columbia. She would love to write about the environment, travel, food or any of her other interests, but her greatest passion is magazine editing. Her writing has appeared in Columbia Journalism Review and several other publications. mlwilson25(at)gmail.com

Zainab Zakari traveled from an editorial assistant’s desk in a book-publishing company to airy rooms in yoga studios as a manager and teacher before turning to journalism. She has written features about media, fitness trends and human rights issues. Her writing has appeared in Zink magazine. zzakari(at)gmail.com


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