Click here for feature stories about racial diversity at a new elite public high school; how No Child Left Behind is hurting immigrant students; how the private tutoring companies stay in business; and how the small schools movement is affecting school sports.


A student gets to work in Callie Biddle's class at Ella Baker Elementary School.

Photo by

Elisabeth Hulette


“School Stories” was written and produced by the Columbia Journalism School's Covering Education seminar, during the spring 2007 semester.

Professor: LynNell Hancock  Adjunct Professor: Ruth Padawer

Co-editors: Angela Hokanson and Dorian Merina

Web editor: Elisabeth Hulette

Photo editor: Elizabeth Berry

Reporters: InSung Cho, Lucas Garcia, Ting-Fang Cheng, Christine Kiernan, Nick Meidanis, Shonna Carter, Amanda Millner-Fairbanks, Suzanne la Barre, Hokanson, Hulette, Merina and Berry. and Additional photos by Rebekah Kebede.

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Click here for profiles on a school chef's epicurian approach to school lunches; an immigrant high school student from China striving to learn English; and a high school dropout-turned-activist.

Click here for op-ed stories about school size; social justice math; the minority achievement gap; and parent involvement in school reform.

Our class spent one day a week observing and learning in New York City classrooms. Click here to read our observations in the Julia Richman Education Complex and P.S. 24, a dual language school in Brooklyn.