Elizabeth Méndez Berry:
P.S. 24


About the ‘School Stories’ reporters

"E" is for "Education." The 2007 Covering Education class. Top row, from left: Lucas Garcia, Elizabeth Méndez Berry, Nick Meidanis, Suzanne La Barre, Christine Kiernan. Bottom row, from left: Angela Hokanson, Amanda Millner-Fairbanks, InSung Cho, Shonna Carter, Elisabeth Hulette, Dorian Merina. Not pictured: Ting-Fang Cheng.

Elizabeth Méndez Berry is a journalist whose work has appeared in the Washington Post, Vibe, the Village Voice, and Time. Born in Toronto, she now lives in New York. She spent the semester interning at P.S. 24 in Brooklyn. ecb2123@columbia.edu

Shonna Carter is a graduate of the Masters of Science program at Columbia University's School of Journalism. She believes that education is one of the most powerful tools for democracy and took the class to understand more about education policy and the resources provided for special education students. While in the class she interned at Vanguard High School in the Julia Richman Educational Complex and observed how a progressive small school can create alternative educational solutions to students that are struggling.

Ting-Fang Cheng majored in Journalism at a college in Taiwan and is now a communication and education masters student at Columbia University. Coming from
Taiwan to America and having a lifelong commitment to journalism, she hopes to read and write about this world with more sensitive and tolerant eyes.

InSung Cho worked as a freelance writer covering topics such as travel and fashion, prior to coming to Columbia's Graduate School of Journalism. Her desire to tackle meatier topics and write about them well led her to take this class on covering the complicated education system in New York City. During the term, she interned at Urban Academy, a small high school for transfer students with unusual classes and an inquiry-based teaching method.

Lucas Garcia is a graduate from the United States Naval Academy and the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.  His work has appeared in the Bronx Beat community newspaper and ColumbiaJournalist.org.  During the spring semester, he interned at Urban Academy in the Julia Richmond Education Complex. lrg2112@columbia.edu

Angela Hokanson is a freelance writer based in California. Before attending Columbia’s journalism school, she worked for Bay City News Service, a wire service based in San Francisco. She spent this semester interning at Manhattan International High School.

Elisabeth Hulette is from central New Jersey; she studied classics at Bucknell University and newspaper journalism at Columbia. Elisabeth interned at the Ella Baker school this semester.

Christine Kiernan is a part-time student in the journalism program with a background in documentary film and Russian and Central Asian studies. She currently works for ABC News Rights & Clearances. Christine interned at the Ella Baker School this semester.

Suzanne La Barre is earning an M.S. in journalism from Columbia University. For this course, she spent time at Hunter College Elementary School and P226. She lives in New York City.

Nick Meidanis went to a public high school in northern New Jersey and received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Delaware. He’s a broadcast student in the M.S. program at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.  Nick plans to cover sports upon completion of the program.

Dorian Merina is a writer based in New York City. His work has appeared in Hyphen Magazine, the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism and Jointz Magazine. He writes a monthly column with Latin Beat Magazine covering the spoken word and poetry scene in the city. Dorian interned this semester at Manhattan International High School.

Amanda Millner-Fairbanks hails from Los Angeles, California. After nine years on the east coast, it is becoming less and less likely that she will relocate out west anytime soon. She has just finished her second year at the Journalism School, where she received a M.A. degree in politics. With her idealism at its highest point yet, Amanda aspires to write long-form magazine stories about education and politics.


Shonna Carter:
Vanguard High School

InSung Cho:
Urban Academy

Lucas Garcia:
Urban Academy

Angela Hokanson:
Manhattan International

Elisabeth Hulette:
Ella Baker Elementary

Christine Kiernan:
Ella Baker Elementary

Suzanne La Barre:
Hunter College Elementary

Nick Meidanis:
Urban Academy

Dorian Merina:
Manhattan International