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Full Broadcast – April 26, 2013

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  • Sonia Paul’s Local Newscast

    Sonia Paul reports on local New York City stories and beyond.

  • Obama Administration Reacts to Syria Crossing ‘Red Line’

    We spoke with Michael Cohen a fellow at The Century Foundation. He says that despite two years of war and thousands of deaths in Syria, the use of chemical weapons would be a dangerous new development.

  • Veterans Find Peace from Post-Traumatic Stress

    Each day, 22 U-S veterans kill themselves – that’s according to the Department of Veterans Affairs. Suicides have increased so much that last year, more active-duty troops killed themselves than troops who died in combat in Afghanistan. Alexandra Hall found some vets are turning to meditation to help.

  • Latino Evangelicals Reshape Immigration Views

    Some Evangelical Christians have embraced comprehensive immigration reform in recent months. It’s a huge shift for the group, usually conservative in its politics. An influx of Latino congregants has pushed the church is changing its stance. Sonia Paul reports.

  • Boston Bombing’s Impact on Immigration Law

    Last week a bipartisan group of 8 senators announced a deal on immigration reform. Days later, police identified two Chechen immigrants as suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing. On the day the second bomber was caught, Republican Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa told the Senate Judiciary Committee the attacks in Boston should inform the immigration debate.

  • Learning from the Struggle of Survivors

    Commentator Anna Goldenberg is an Austrian Jew. In the 1950s, her grandparents – holocaust survivors – briefly lived in upstate New York. Now, that Anna is living in New York, she decided to visit the town where they lived to understand why they didn’t stay.

  • City’s New Recycling Program Takes Effect

    Mayor Bloomberg announced the largest expansion to the City’s recycling program in 25 years earlier this week. Now rigid plastics, such as yoghurt containers, shampoo bottles, old toys and plastic hangers can now be recycled along with your water and glass bottles. Bloomberg says the rules are easy to remember.

  • Country Music Legend George Jones, Dead at 81

    George Jones, the iconic and influential country star of the (nineteen sixties) 1960s and (seventies) 70s passed away today. He had a storied career, releasing 60 albums and piling up hundreds of hit songs like “He Stopped Loving Her Today.”

  • News at the Half-Hour

    Amber Binion reports on the national and international news of the day.

  • Sandy Victims Still Searching for Safe Haven

    Nearly six months after Hurricane Sandy, nearly two-thousand people displaced by the storm are still living in hotels around the city. Both the city and the Federal Emergency Management Agency are ending their hotel program in the next month. Some evacuees will move into subsidized apartments. But, as Tenzin Shakya reports, others may be left homeless.

  • Getting to Know the G Train

    New York commuters love to gripe about the commute. The subway line people love to hate? The G train. It’s often called the worst train in the city – and it’s even the only line with its own advocacy campaign. Stephanie Kuo reports after years of complaints from riders, the MTA has agreed to look for ways to improve the G.

  • Diabetes May Affect More Than Expected

    More than half a million adults living in New York City have diabetes. Hundreds of thousands more may have the disease without knowing it – that’s according to a new report by the city’s health department. As Ntshepeng Motema reports, health experts say obesity remains a major cause of the disease.

  • What Mandela Means to Me

    Nelson Mandela is an inspirational leader known around the world. Commentator Ntshepeng Motema says for South Africans like her, Mandela is more than just the man who fought against apartheid.

  • New York’s Hippest House of Worship

    New York City isn’t always inviting. Many people struggle to figure out where they belong in the big city. Some have found a home in religion. Amber Binion visited a fast-growing church that drawing a young, diverse crowd.

  • All Hail the Hipster Savior?

    Was Jesus the original hipster? That’s how the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn is branding their savior in an effort to get people to church on Sundays. As Matthew Vann reports, church leaders hope that image resonates with young people.

  • Full Broadcast – April 26, 2013

    Listen to the full Uptown Radio show from April 26, 2013.

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