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Full Broadcast – April 19, 2013

Click here to listen to our full broadcast from April 12, 2013:

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  • Uptown Radio’s Local Newscast

    Anna Goldenberg delivers the latest headlines from New York City and the surrounding areas.

  • Latest Developments In The Boston Bombings

    Amber Binion updates us on the latest developments in Boston at the top of today’s show.

  • New York Security Steps Back Up After Boston Standoff

    The events in Boston last night put New York police and emergency personnel back on high alert. Max Rosenthal tells us what else is going on behind the scenes as the city reacts.

  • Suspects’ Ethnicity Forces Chechnya Into The Spotlight

    Lincoln Mitchell of Columbia University gives an overview of Chechnya, the small Caucasian country where the Tsarnaev brothers were born. Attention has focused on Chechnya since the suspects were identified.

  • Latest From Boston: Chechens React To Suspects

    Stephanie Kuo gives us the latest updates from Boston, and tells us what Chechens, including the country’s president, had to say about the ethnic identity of the men implicated in the Boston bombings.

  • Paychecks Can’t Save Some New Yorkers From Poverty

    More and more people in New York are getting jobs since the 2008 financial crisis, But many of those getting employed are also getting poorer. Reporter Ntshepeng Motema went to Danielle Jacobsen’s Bronx apartment to find out how she makes a living.

  • Arms Treaty Sparks Fierce NRA Opposition

    The Senate failed to pass any measures on gun control this week, but the debate is going global. The United Nations passed an arms treaty earlier this month. The White House supports it, but the NRA has already lined up opposition.

  • Politics And Activism Divide New York Clergy Members

    More than 60 percent of Americans say religious leaders shouldn’t try to influence government. This issue is sure to come up as New York City prepares for a heated mayoral race. But the relationship between religion and government is often complicated.

  • News at the Half-Hour

    Lance Dixon provides updates on the latest international, national and local news.

  • Latest From Boston: Few Changes As Manhunt Continues

    Amber Binion gives the latest updates from Boston, including the police request to keep Dunkin’ Donuts running despite the lockdown.

  • Former Counter-Terror Official Talks Police Playbook

    Jeff Tyson speaks with Nicholas Casale, the former MTA Deputy Director of Counterterrorism. He gives us the behind the scenes perspective from the police on what’s happening right now in Boston.

  • Chechen New Yorkers React to Tsarnaev Brothers

    Brighton Beach is home to one the country’s largest Russian and Chechen populations. Chechens reacted to the news that two of their own were accused of carrying out the attacks in Boston.

  • Excitement and Preparation For City’s Bikeshare Program

    As the city prepares to launch the nation’s biggest bikeshare, local groups are trying to make sure that the streets stay safe once locals and tourists start using the program.

  • How Not To Travel In Mongolia

    Commentator Sonia Paul found out the hard way that you probably need a good map when you try to travel anywhere in Mongolia.

  • Evangelical Christians Rally For An Unlikely Cause

    Evangelical Christians are usually on the political Right, but many of them came out to support immigration reform at a rally in Washington last week. Sonia Paul spoke to them about their support for the Senate’s proposed immigration overhaul plan.

  • Jay-Z Won’t Own The Nets, But He’s Not Going Anywhere

    The Nets are going to the playoffs for the first time in six years, and after their first year in Brooklyn. But they will be moving on without minority owner Jay-Z, who is moving into sports management and selling his share in the team to become a sports agent.

  • Learning The Real Lesson Of A Wedding

    Jessica Gould got married twice in one year. And, she says, it took both ceremonies to understand what a wedding is all about

  • Full Broadcast – April 19, 2013

    Listen to the full Uptown Radio show from April 19, 2013.

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