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Education Helps Young Adults Lift Themselves out of Poverty


Danielle Duval, 23, lives in a shelter and depends on food stamps and supplemental security income to get by. But she said she is trying to put her life together through education. Her first goal: to pass the General Educational Development (GED) test. She’s getting help—at the Henry Street Settlement, a social service agency on […]

Food Stamp Claims Increase In New York

People go to the New York City Human Resources Administration to register for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. (Caroline Pailliez/ NY City Lens)

Ashown Jones never expected he would have to come to the food stamp center on 10th Avenue at 216th Street. He used to be a workstation analyst for Teach for America and made a living wage. But he quit his job last January after a difficult divorce. Now that all his savings are gone, he […]

Men Seek Refuge, Guidance at Lower East Side Shelter

The Bowery Mission, located On Bowery in the Lower East Side, is a shelter and soup kitchen for needy men. (Evan Burgos/NY City Lens)

  James Macklin sat in the cafeteria of the Bowery Mission, a soup kitchen and homeless shelter on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, talking of the men he used to be among. He first walked in as an unemployed 40-something, at a low point in a life that began with his mother, a 13-year-old rape victim, […]

Recession Brings Families Together

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Gallo’s biggest fear is that she made the wrong choice when she left her job of 15 years to take care of her 21-year-old daughter, who was hospitalized for three months in 2009. Gallo had been living in her own place and making $17 an hour as a medical assistant. She is now unemployed and lives with her daughter’s family in a one-bedroom apartment.

“It sometimes feels degrading as a mother,” Gallo said. “I was always the one who took care of my children.”

The Need to Feed: Helping the Poor in Jackson Heights

A resident fills up his bag with food supplies at the St. Marks pantry

A queue of approximately 50 people waited outside the St. Marks Church pantry in Jackson Heights on a Tuesday afternoon, with nothing but dejected expressions and empty jute bags, a testimony to the alarming increase of poverty levels across New York City.

Stapleton Food Pantry Near Breaking Point

Food delivery at Project Hospitality's Bay Street Pantry

The storage shelves at Project Hospitality’s Bay Street food pantry are almost bare. Three cardboard trays of canned fruit, some boxes of dry cereal, and a few straggling loaves of bread are all that is left in the main pantry after the morning rush to help Staten Island’s hungry and needy.

Mealtime with the Homeless of East Harlem

Timothy and Olga Glover

One by one they lined up in the narrow fire escape, waiting impatiently for the clock to strike 4 p.m. All they were asked to turn over before receiving a free meal were their initials and date-of-birth. For a group who generally prefers to stay anonymous, this suited most of the homeless just fine.

Church Soup Kitchen Alleviates Economic Hardships

A woman walks past the stone front of the Bronx-Spanish Church, which is gated with a black railing.

New statistics show one of every five New Yorkers lives in poverty. Community organizations, like one church in the South Bronx, are helping residents make up for diminishing income with prepared meals and take-home groceries.

The Faces Behind The Numbers In Jackson Heights

A woman receives her food supply at the Voice of Hagar Pantry on 94th and Northern Blvd in Jackson Heights where Mr. Edwin Lopez goes one Tuesday a month to gather enough food for his family. (Photo: Daniel Medina/NY City Lens)

Carlos Rojas, 70, is three months behind on rent and wonders week to week how he’ll make enough to scrape by. Combat veteran Edwin Lopez, 45, is physically unable to work due to a bad back and has to go one Tuesday a month to a church food pantry to survive. Miriam Peñaranda, 30, used to work full-time; she now has to run an ice-cream cart to pay the bills.

Long Island City Church Feeds Needy Amid Record Poverty Rates

On Saturday, Sept. 24, a group of women depart with groceries from the food pantry at St. Raphael’s Roman Catholic Church on Greenpoint Avenue in Long Island City (Photo: Scott Eidler/NY City Lens)

In Queens, a man stocked up on boxes of cereal and cans of soup on a recent Saturday in a food pantry located in the basement of a church where he once served as an altar boy.