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Education Helps Young Adults Lift Themselves out of Poverty


Danielle Duval, 23, lives in a shelter and depends on food stamps and supplemental security income to get by. But she said she is trying to put her life together through education. Her first goal: to pass the General Educational Development (GED) test. She’s getting help—at the Henry Street Settlement, a social service agency on […]

New Animal Hospital Opens on Lower East Side, Dog Owners React With Mixed Feelings

Lex Rizzo, a Lower East Side dog owner, sits with her dog, Leo, at Sara D. Roosevelt Park on Chrystie Street and Rivington Street, which is a popular area for dog owners to walk their dogs in the neighborhood.

Many Lower East Side dog owners seem to be happy about a new animal hospital’s recent opening in the neighborhood, but some of them expressed concerns about the price. The new facility, the Lower East Side Animal Hospital at 241 Eldridge St., filled a two-year vacuum of veterinary services in the neighborhood, as the old […]

On the Twelfth Anniversary of 9/11, Skeptics Continue to Blame the Government


For all Americans, the anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001 is a day of remembrance and reverence, but for some it is also an opportunity to share what they think really happened on that tragic morning. Kerry Ryan, a truck driver from Chicago in his mid 60s, traveled to New York City for the 12th anniversary […]

Port Authority Remembers Victims of 9/11 Attacks

Pipers from the NYPD Pipes and Drums Unit march down the aisle. Sharon Miller, left.

  On September 11th, 2001, Sharon Miller, a Port Authority police officer, responded to a call at the North Tower of the World Trade Center. She went into the building with 14 of her fellow officers. Only she and one other came out alive. Miller, retired since 2005, comes from her home in Florida every […]

Hedging Social: Market Traders Use Online Community to Raise Value


By Pierce Gibson Crosby   Ι    Updated January 14, 2013 There are common tactics for Wall Street traders to pass the latest headlines to their cohorts – whether it is an underreported quarterly earnings statement or the Federal Reserve’s latest round of liquidity puts in the mortgage markets. The problem for the average Main Street consumer […]

Thanksgiving at the Church of The Holy Trinity Homeless Shelter

One man's Thanksgiving dinner at the shelter. Thomas Williams, the shelter's monitor, said the food that night was excellent.

Anthony Womack stuck out among the men he dined with last Thursday evening. He wore a vertically-striped blue and white shirt buttoned to the top, a patterned tie, black vest, along with creaseless black pants. He may have looked like he could fit in on Wall Street, but Womack spent his Thanksgiving in a homeless […]

The High Line: Where Art, History, and Public Space Collide

Over the decades, local activists successfully convinced City Council to refrain from demolishing the structure, and to support their efforts to develop it instead as a public park.

Few places in the city exemplify how earnestly Manhattan tries to develop harmony with nature. Yes, there’s Central Park, but that’s its own beast entirely, and buildings just hug it. The High Line, a former elevated freight line stretching multiple districts, literally encases nature with a concrete counterpart. Apartments and other buildings stand just feet […]

The Plight of Lower East Side Small Businesses


Pepto-Bismol. Nowadays, Rona Economou, owner of a small Greek food stall in the Essex Street Market, keeps it handy. Stress makes her stomach uneasy. And her right eye, it twitches. Even in seemingly ordinary moments, like when she’s done laboring over the stove, the day’s cooking complete, and stands watch over her spinach pies, pear […]

VIDEO: Lower East Side Businesses Getting a Boost

(Photo courtesy of LES BID)

Hurricane Sandy robbed Lower East Side businesses of at least a week’s worth of revenue. Evan Burgos has the story of one organization that’s lending a hand. Video from Evan Burgos on Vimeo.

On Wall Street, More than Just Displaced Voters Cast Ballots

A polling station at 45 Wall Street ran out of affidavit ballots on Election Day. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed an executive order Monday allowing voters affected by Hurricane Sandy to submit ballots at any site. (Reena Diamante/NY City Lens)

Amy Gersofsky, 26, stood on line Election Day at a poll station in the Financial District waiting to receive her ballot to vote. Along with the standard New York City black and white ballot, she received a special red and white envelope. On previous election dates, Gersofsky wasn’t supposed to be voting here at the 65th district because she’s registered to vote in Rockland County.

Lower East Side Back to Normal on Election Day

A Lower East Side voter exits the polls at PS 20 on Essex Street. (Evan Burgos/NY City Lens)

Lower East Side Back to Normal on Election Day from NY City Lens on Vimeo.   A week after superstorm Sandy knocked out electricity in downtown Manhattan, Lower East Side residents had no trouble casting their votes on Tuesday. Though one site was changed because of flooding, voters on the east side of lower Manhattan, […]

VIDEO: Climate Change Debate Boils Up After Hurricane Sandy

Superstorm Sandy

After Hurricane Sandy wrecked havoc on 578 miles of New York’s coastline, there has been talk about whether or not climate change may be playing a role in superstorms like Sandy. Climate Change Debate Boils Up After Hurricane Sandy from Reena Diamante on Vimeo.

Reporter’s Journal: In the Middle Of The Storm


Witnessing the collapse of a building facade in Chelsea as Hurricane Sandy hit New York City. Reporter’s journal Harman Boparai- Hurricane Sandy from NY City Lens on Vimeo.

Lower East Side Organization Conducts Sandy Relief Efforts


Through pitch-black apartment corridors in Chinatown to the hundreds of restaurants and shops lining the Lower East Side, a small army of volunteers fanned out in those neighborhoods to provide emergency assistance to residents who have been without power and other basic services for the last four days. Since Tuesday, CAAAV: Organizing Asian Communities, a […]

VIDEO: Bringing Relief To Sandy’s Victims


Hurricane Sandy left thousands of residents on the Lower East Side without power, food and water. Assistance was slow in coming, but volunteers from churches in the area, organized through social media, rushed to help. NY City Lens was on the scene. Video from Katherine Theofanous on Vimeo.

Still Serving Pizza, Even During The Storm

Jesus Dios, 21, takes pizza orders by candlelight. (Shadi Bushra/

Downtown Manhattan was not recognizable on Tuesday. SoHo, usually full of students and tourists, was practically a ghost town after Hurricane Sandy ripped through New York leaving more than 200,000 people without electricity. In apocalyptic style, the city was demarcated with full power to the north of 39th Street, and complete darkness below it.  The […]

Clean-up Crews Work to Pump Water Out of Lower East Side’s Medical Centers

Alexandria Medical Center was victim to some of the worst flooding seen at the Bellevue property. Flooded to the roof with cars and supplies still inside. (Pierce Crosby/NY City Lens)

During the height of the storm Monday night, the NYU Langone Medical center lost power—and then its back up power system failed.  A mass evacuation of 300 patients ensued, medical staff transferring them to hospitals and treatment centers that still maintained power. On Wednesday, it was deja vu at Bellevue Hospital, where another 300 patients were […]

VIDEO: In The Dark And Without Water, Bellevue Hospital Evacuated

Without power: Post Sandy

  Published: October 31, 2012 In the Dark and Without Water, Bellevue Hospital Evacuated from Pierce Crosby on Vimeo.

NYPD Buys 50 Guns Off City Streets

The NYPD held its most recent gun buyback program in the Lower East Side last Sunday. The police bought 50 guns in all. (Evan Burgos/NY City Lens)

  The NYPD managed to rid city streets of 50 guns as a result of its latest gun buyback event, held last Sunday in the Lower East Side a day before Hurricane Sandy hit New York City. The NYPD bought 50 weapons, including 44 handguns, police said, paying a total of $8,920 to those who […]

Hurricane Winds Pull Down Building Facade in Chelsea

A building in Chelsea sits exposed after Hurricane Sandy ripped down its facade. (Harman Boparai/NY City Lens)

A building partially collapsed at 92 Eighth Ave in Chelsea Monday evening.The incident occurred at 6:45 p.m. The building’s entire façade collapsed on the street, and people were seen fleeing as debris flew in multiple directions from the building. With the front of building gone, it looked like a dollhouse opened up. The fire department and […]

Who Says You Can’t Party During a Hurricane?

Side Bar

It’s 2.30 p.m. on 29th October and a bedraggled group of twenty some-things clad in raincoats and boots fall in through the door of Side Bar, off Union Square.  “Four Vodka shots and a pitcher,” yells one as he strips off his jacket to reveal a pair of Hawaiian swimming shorts. The girl next to […]

VIDEO: City Prepares For Sandy’s Arrival


New York prepares on Sunday for Sandy’s expected arrival on Monday. Steve Silva has this report. Vimeo link

To Leave or to Stay? Zone A Residents in Manhattan Play It Both Ways

Residence in Zone A leave home after Mayor Bloomberg ordered a mandatory evacuation yesterday as the city prepared for Hurricane Sandy.

  John and Jody Zanger along with their young son are off to a hotel in New Rochelle, New York for a few days. “It’s an adventure,” Zanger said as he and his family walked out the door of their luxury condominium building on Chambers Street in Tribeca. The Zangers are one of the 370,000 […]

Chelsea Visitors Yawn at Approaching Storm, but Residents Buy Up What They Can

Tourists had little regard for the coming storm in Chelsea on Sunday.

Despite the severe weather warnings, people visiting Chelsea Sunday afternoon felt little urgency to vacate the city. Tourists and locals walked the sidewalks seemingly without fear and even some in blissful ignorance. “Our biggest plan is to not worry about it,” says Felix Burel, a Switzerland native. “I live in Williamsburg, and I heard there […]