Surfers Honor Their Roots at Rockaway Beach Surf Club


If you closed your eyes to take in the onshore salt air and the long riffs and soft ukulele of surf music, you’d think yourself in Hawaii or San Diego or Venice Beach, not a bar in New York City. That is, until the A train screeched directly above and a jet outbound from JFK, […]

Asian Americans Voters in Flushing Supported Liu, Overwhemingly

Shao Nan Chen voted for the first time since becoming a citizen on Tuesday. She came with her daughter, Jia Rong Chen to support John Liu in Flushing. (Photo: Rosa Kim/ NY City Lens)

Mayoral candidate and former Comptroller John Liu did not need to be at the Self-Help Innovative Senior Center last Tuesday. Many Flushing residents who stopped by to vote at the polling site located on 45-25 Kissena Boulevard supported him any way. “He’s got this locked up,” said Alfred Lee, 72, a retiree and long-time Flushing […]

Jackson Heights Soccer Fans Find a Home Away From Home

Gilbert Godoy,67, watches the  Real Madrid soccer team battle against Barcelona at La Gran Uruguaya Bakery in Jackson Heights.

Amid the smell of brewing coffee and sounds of cheering enthusiastic soccer fans, Gilbert Godoy, 67, intensely watches Real Madrid battle against Barcelona on the television screen hanging from the wall in front of him. “The two best teams in the world are playing against each other,” Godoy said. “This is the best place to […]

SLIDESHOW: One Howard Beach Family, Ravaged by Sandy, Tries to Recover


The first floor of Ralph Rivera’s house in Howard Beach was completely flooded on Monday, when Hurricane Sandy hit the shores of Queens. Rivera said he did not expect such damage, as last year his house was spared by Hurricane Irene. Howard Beach was located in a zone B, the city said, and residents were […]

VIDEO: New Yorkers in a Gas Frenzy Since Sandy


As cars stretched for miles and hundreds of people waited for the gas pumps to begin flowing, Corey Hill and his girlfriend, Rashidah Blair, stood hugging in the cold in front of the convenient store at a Hess gas station in Ozone Park, Queens on Thursday. With his arms wrapped around Blair, Hill held two […]

Long Islanders Rush To Leave Manhattan Before Mass Transit Shutdown

A service alert at New York Penn Station explains that the Long Island Rail Road will have its last routes before 7 p.m. in anticipation of Hurricane Sandy.

  Elizabeth Sharp stood her ground with her large handbag in one hand and her coat in the other, among a sea of people beneath a Long Island Rail Road train schedule board. At New York Penn Station, these LIRR riders seem to have their eyes fixated on the screen. Like some of the commuters […]

An Inverse Oasis in Little Egypt


The sun is going down on a miserable wet day on Steinway Street in Astoria. It’s the first properly cold day of the fall, and the flat sunlight that spent all day fighting its way through thick cloud is bleeding out of the sky quickly. It’s a lifeless kind of day, and yet the interior of […]

LaGuardia Airport to get new, faster bus routes


Getting to LaGuardia Airport is a pain. It’s even worse by public transit. But the MTA announced last week (Oct. 11, 2012) it’s going to get better with new enhanced routes. Steve Silva reports.

Promoting Health Awareness for Hispanics


  10/8/12- About 30,000 people, mostly of Hispanic heritage filled several blocks of Junction Boulevard in Elmhurst, Queens on Sunday celebrating  good food, entertainment—and good health. The annual Queens Family Health Festival was organized by Save Latin America in partnership with the Dominican American Society of Elmhurst. Io Ortiz, special events and press coordinator for […]

Lens on Occupy Wall Street’s ‘Day of Action’


Fifteen reporters from the NYCity Lens were on assignment across New York City Thursday afternoon as Occupy Wall Street’s Day of Action unfolded. Here are their stories.

A Street Closing in Jackson Heights Unites A Community

Rigta Khandar in her shop, October 17, 2011. (Photo: Daniel Medina/NY City Lens)

The customers are gone.  Empty red steel chairs line rows of computer desks where they once sat. A tall stack of bills lies on a cracking, worn-out wooden desk that cannot be repaired until business is good again, if that is anytime soon. For Rigta Khandar, a café and shop owner in Jackson Heights, this […]

Draped in Color, Culture and Tradition in Jackson Heights

A saleswoman helps out a customer as she examines the quality and fall of the fabric. (Sarah Munir/ NY City Lens)

The soft Indian music in the background, the smell of incense wafting lazily in the air and the seemingly endless rows of colorful saris adorning the shelves transport you to a different part of the world in just a few minutes.

New Bill Seeks to Expand Taxi Services

A livery cab driver parked at the taxi zone in Washington Heights

“We don’t have that kind of money,” Navarro’s fellow driver, Marlo Mejia said.

Mejia thinks he might need up to $8,000 for painting his car and meter and for other requirements, if he wants to continue his business. He’s driven a livery cab for seven years, but says he has not had enough left over to save a large amount after expenses. “We may need to look for some people who have money to pay.” He laughingly added, shrugging, “Jewish? Russian Mafias?” He isn’t the only driver who jokes about such things.

The Need to Feed: Helping the Poor in Jackson Heights

A resident fills up his bag with food supplies at the St. Marks pantry

A queue of approximately 50 people waited outside the St. Marks Church pantry in Jackson Heights on a Tuesday afternoon, with nothing but dejected expressions and empty jute bags, a testimony to the alarming increase of poverty levels across New York City.

The Faces Behind The Numbers In Jackson Heights

A woman receives her food supply at the Voice of Hagar Pantry on 94th and Northern Blvd in Jackson Heights where Mr. Edwin Lopez goes one Tuesday a month to gather enough food for his family. (Photo: Daniel Medina/NY City Lens)

Carlos Rojas, 70, is three months behind on rent and wonders week to week how he’ll make enough to scrape by. Combat veteran Edwin Lopez, 45, is physically unable to work due to a bad back and has to go one Tuesday a month to a church food pantry to survive. Miriam Peñaranda, 30, used to work full-time; she now has to run an ice-cream cart to pay the bills.

Long Island City Church Feeds Needy Amid Record Poverty Rates

On Saturday, Sept. 24, a group of women depart with groceries from the food pantry at St. Raphael’s Roman Catholic Church on Greenpoint Avenue in Long Island City (Photo: Scott Eidler/NY City Lens)

In Queens, a man stocked up on boxes of cereal and cans of soup on a recent Saturday in a food pantry located in the basement of a church where he once served as an altar boy.

New York Times 9/11 Exhibit Draws Reflections From Visitors

In the lobby of the New York Times on Sept. 10, a couple remembered the events of 9/11 through photos the paper published.

Hundreds of New Yorkers, out-of-towners, and dignitaries visited a photography and video exhibit commemorating the events of 9/11 in the lobby of The New York Times over the weekend marking the 10th anniversary of the attacks.

Mile 13: Not for the Faint Hearted


VIDEO: An Athenian foot soldier named Pheidippides ran the first marathon 2,500 years ago in ancient Greece. Legend has it that he collapsed and died at the finish line. Like Pheidippides, many runners still collapse before finishing the race. Reported by Pallavi Reddy. Produced by Tamir Elterman.

New Yorkers Vote ‘Yes’ to a 2-Term Limit


To reverse or not to reverse—term limits that is. That’s one decision voters faced on the back of their ballots this Election Day.

City Food Vendors Wait for Legislative Change

by Solange Mouign. A street vendor in Jackson Heights  serves up some warm caramel peanuts.

Nothing else, except maybe the yellow cab, screams New York like the corner hot dog and pretzel stand. Despite New York’s image as a street food metropolis, it is far from a friendly place for the city’s mostly immigrant food vendors.

Laundry in Stormy Weather

by Solange Mougin. Empty Washing Machine

Strangers seek shelter in the loneliest of places