Staten Island

Blacks on Staten Island Celebrate their Roots

Some of the necklaces and DVDs that Jackson sold to festival goers at the heritage day. (Photo: Akinoluwa Oyedele/NY City Lens)

A woman near the stage gyrates her hips, punching both fists forward alternately to the beat with three children watching and copying. The Jam Syndicate band and Billy Grant, its lead vocalist, have just started their two-hour performance of funk and rhythm and blues songs. “Shake what yo’ mama gave ya,” Grant raps, as the […]

Candidates Solicit Staten Islanders in Last Ditch Effort for Votes

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  Cathy Guerriero, a Democratic candidate for public advocate, greeted commuters Tuesday morning at the St. George Terminal on Staten Island as they left the ferry that brought them from Manhattan free of charge. “Don’t forget to vote for Guerriero,” a member of her campaign team shouted repeatedly, taking breaks when all the passengers in […]

Post-Sandy Housing Insurance Claims Face Budgetary Restrictions

Cyrus Turner speaks to local volunteers only days after the storm about what he and his wife can do to expedite the insurance claims on his house. (Pierce Crosby / NY City Lens)

By Pierce Gibson Crosby    ¦    Published December 16, 2012   With the holiday season quickly approaching, this week Hurricane Sandy victims will begin receiving their insurance claim settlements in the mail from both local policy providers and nationally sponsored agencies. Property owners and businesses have filed for everything from lost hours at work, […]

VIDEO: Political Party Volunteers In Short Supply On Election Day In Staten Island

Political Party Volunteers In Short Supply On Election Day In Staten Island

As the hours ticked away toward the end of Election Day, Republican Party volunteer Ann Lettis was calling residents in Staten Island to remind them to vote, and check if they needed a lift to a polling station. She volunteered dozens of times before, but never had so many problems getting a hold of people. […]

Staten Island Residents Have Mixed Feelings On Voting

A makeshift polling station in the Dongan Hills neighborhood of Staten Island (Kimberly Brooks/ NY City Lens)

  Tuesday morning, Maria Martucelli, 58, stood in the basement of the Dongan Hills home where she has lived since 1985. Wearing navy rain boots, she walked around the muddy remnants of what was once a comfortable living space for her invalid father and her 26-year old son, Justin. Sheet rock covered the floors and […]

VIDEO: Marathon An Afterthought on Staten Island

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News of the New York City Marathon cancellation caused major inconveniences for the runners. But the race was not on the minds of the residents of Staten Island where the marathon begins. Staten Island Residents Not Focused on Marathon Cancellation from NY City Lens on Vimeo.

VIDEO: South Staten Island Community Recovers From Hurricane Sandy Together


Hurricane Sandy devastated many parts of the city. Staten Island was hit especially hard. Steve Silva brings us the story of how one man’s basement was destroyed, and how the community came to his help.

Flooded Hoboken Gets Help in More Ways Than One

Credit: Scott Chasan

  Noise from generators reverberated through the storm-ravaged streets of Hoboken, N.J., directly across the Hudson River from Manhattan, on Sunday. Neon-green posters attached to buildings and shop windows directed people to free battery charge centers. Stores along the main street of the city were covered with so much wood, you couldn’t tell the difference […]

Volunteers Out in Force on Staten Island, But Some Residents Are Still Angry Relief Didn’t Arrive Sooner

A New York Marathon Runner helps distribute supplies to Staten Island residents at a National Guard distribution center at Miller Field in New Dorp Beach on November 4, 2012.

Nearly a week after hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on New York City, New Dorp Beach still looked as though a bomb had just exploded over the tiny seaside community. Along Cedar Grove Avenue, a trail of houses remain completely mangled.  Battered cars, some with shattered windows and traces of water still pooling in them, littered the sidewalks; one SUV sat perched on top […]

VIDEO: Relief Runners Aid Staten Island After Sandy

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When the New York City Marathon was cancelled in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, a group of runners banded together to bring additional aid to one of the city’s hardest hit boroughs: Staten Island. Relief Runners Aid Staten Island After Sandy from NY City Lens on Vimeo.

With Everything in Ruins, A Family in Staten Island Clings to Hope

On Topping Street in the New Dorp neighborhood of Staten Island an uprooted tree crushes a small home down the street from Joseph Ingenito's house during Hurricane Sandy. (Evan Burgos/NY City Lens)

For most families in New York, the living room is the heart of a home. For the Ingenitos, who have lived in their house on Topping Street, a few hundred feet from New Dorp beach on the east side of Staten Island, it certainly was. But, the Ingenitos’ living room has lost its cozy feeling.

VIDEO: Staten Island Parents School the Board on Special Education Needs

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Parents on Staten Island are concerned that special education programs are being underfunded in New York City. The Board of Education came to Hungerford Elementary to hear what the parents complaints were about the current climate in classrooms.

Lens on Occupy Wall Street’s ‘Day of Action’


Fifteen reporters from the NYCity Lens were on assignment across New York City Thursday afternoon as Occupy Wall Street’s Day of Action unfolded. Here are their stories.

Mile One: Runners Hit the Pavement for Charity

Team for Kids volunteers help direct marathon runners to the charity village staging point on the day of the race. (Photo: Mike Lee / NY City Lens)

Runners who were not chosen to take part in New York City’s yearly marathon discovered that, just as there is more than one way to skin a cat, there are other ways to secure a spot in the popular race.

Mile 0: The Journey to the Starting Line [Slideshow]

(Photo: E.D. Cauchi/NY City Lens)

Getting there was a marathon in itself. While Saturday night partiers were making their way home, thousands of runners emerged onto the streets at 5 a.m. to make it in time for the 8:30 a.m. start of the 2011 New York City Marathon.

New Bill Seeks to Expand Taxi Services

A livery cab driver parked at the taxi zone in Washington Heights

“We don’t have that kind of money,” Navarro’s fellow driver, Marlo Mejia said.

Mejia thinks he might need up to $8,000 for painting his car and meter and for other requirements, if he wants to continue his business. He’s driven a livery cab for seven years, but says he has not had enough left over to save a large amount after expenses. “We may need to look for some people who have money to pay.” He laughingly added, shrugging, “Jewish? Russian Mafias?” He isn’t the only driver who jokes about such things.

Stapleton Food Pantry Near Breaking Point

Food delivery at Project Hospitality's Bay Street Pantry

The storage shelves at Project Hospitality’s Bay Street food pantry are almost bare. Three cardboard trays of canned fruit, some boxes of dry cereal, and a few straggling loaves of bread are all that is left in the main pantry after the morning rush to help Staten Island’s hungry and needy.