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An Irish American in Little Poland

Hughie Reid sitting in the front room of his funeral parlor (Photo: Aleksandra Mencel/NY City Lens).

Hughie Reid loves money. That’s why he went into the funeral business. Becoming an undertaker was not exactly a life-long vocational dream. Reid, now 86, says that as a kid growing up in Greenpoint, Brooklyn what he really wanted was to own a German delicatessen like Fred O.’s, the store he worked at every morning […]

Polish Greenpoint’s Iconic Kiszka


The red awning reads “KISZKA” in big white letters; directly beneath, the words “HOME MADE COLD CUTS” flap in the breeze.  Faded images of different meats displayed in the shop’s window, each labeled by name, serve as a quick lesson in Polish protein. “What kind of kielbasa do you want?” a blonde woman on a […]

Grimy Greenpoint: The Neighborhood Calls for Another Cleanup


  New cafes, boutiques, and trendy restaurants popping up in Greenpoint lure young professionals to hop on the G train and travel to this North Brooklyn neighborhood.  But while the area looks more polished than in years past, it’s far from clean; trash spills over garbage cans on to the sidewalks and graffiti decorates many of […]

On the Twelfth Anniversary of 9/11, Skeptics Continue to Blame the Government


For all Americans, the anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001 is a day of remembrance and reverence, but for some it is also an opportunity to share what they think really happened on that tragic morning. Kerry Ryan, a truck driver from Chicago in his mid 60s, traveled to New York City for the 12th anniversary […]

HYNES WHO? Many Greenpoint Voters are Clueless about the Race for District Attorney

Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes poses in front of the official Hynes mobile with wife, Patricia, after voting at the Shore Hill Housing polling center in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn on the morning of the primary. (Photo: Aleksandra Mencel/NY City Lens)

In last Tuesday’s primary, longtime incumbent Charles Hynes ran for his seventh term as Brooklyn’s District Attorney against Ken Thompson, former Brooklyn federal prosecutor. But many voters in Greenpoint couldn’t remember the names of the two candidates running for District Attorney, let alone know that Hynes has held the seat since 1989. “I didn’t vote […]