Finding refuge in Christ: African churches of Tel Aviv

Pastor Jeremiah’s Church: Building a community of hope
By Poppie MphuthingTEL AVIV — On Saturday mornings, the thunderous sounds of singing can be heard from the Evangelical and Pentecostal churches on Levanda Street, which is known locally as Church row. The singing comes from derelict-looking buildings that house churches like Lift Up Your Head Ministry, run by Pastor Jeremiah Dairo from Nigeria. Read more…
Pastor Solomon’s Church: Where African flags stand beside the flag of Israel
By John AlbertTEL AVIV — The window shades are drawn. Tambourines are scattered on chairs across the room. Although it is a Christian house of worship, there are no crosses to be found. Guitar amplifiers, microphone stands, a keyboard and drum kit stand in one corner of the room. Propped up in the other corner are five national flags – Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, the Philippines, and Israel. Read more…
A new church for migrants flourishes in south Tel Aviv
By John Albert and Indrani BasuTEL AVIV — Many of the locals living around 33 Shivat Zion Street in the southern end of this booming Mediterranean city haven’t heard of the new church there. The façade is plain cement, and there’s no sign hanging outside. The church’s leaders prefer it that way – they aren’t exactly advertising their presence. Nor do they need to.Read more…

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