Padre Pio’s Pupils: the Eyes of a Saint

By Nathan Vickers

Portrait of Padre Pio

Small Portrait hanging in the Casa Sollievo della Sofferenza hospital. | Photo by Nathan Vickers.

Padre Pio, easily the most popular saint of the 20th century was famous for his miracles and mysticism. One of his most striking features were his eyes. Many people in our class found his striking, deeply set eyes unsettling. But the followers we talked to found them inspiring, even comforting. One nun I talked to┬ásaid, “Padre Pio had innocent eyes.”

Regardless, his piercing gaze is as easily recognizable as his tremendous beard and the trademark half-gloves he wore to cover up the stigmata on his hands. Images depicting an aged Padre Pio depict the lack of sleep the monk reportedly underwent in order to spend time meditating, praying, and even battling demons.

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