Photos of the Day

Photos from Day 10: Bari, The Final Frontier


Day 10, our last in Italy, saw the Religio staff take in the sights in Bari. After a walking tour of the city, we ended at the Bari Cathedral, where we marveled at the relics of Saint Nicholas.

Photos from Day 9: From Saints to San Michele

By Bogdan Mohora

Day 9 started off in San Giovanni Rotondo but ended rather wistfully in San Michele. Religio staffers went on a guided tour of the shrine of Padre Pio and spent the day interviewing pilgrims and local residents. We then arrived in San Michele for a visit to the Sanctuary of Saint Michael, a shrine dedicated to the Archangel.

Photos from Day 8: A place for faith and healing

padre pio

Day 8 saw Religio ease in, somewhat wearily, to our San Giovanni Rotondo surroundings. We went on a tour of Casa Sollievo della Sofferenza hospital, and walked around town, discovering the varying shapes and sizes Padre Pio comes in, porcelain or bronze…

Photos from Day 7: The crafts of Naples

Intertwined street art in Naples

A collection of photos from Day 7, spent wandering the streets of Naples. From the Church of Santa Maria del Purgatorio Ad Arco, to Berlusconi figurines, Religio took it all in, cameras in tow.

Photos from Day 6: From the Pope to the mosque

Pope Benedict

Day 6 saw a temporary leave from contemplating the Catholic Church, after a morning with the Pope that is. We headed to the Islamic Cultural Center of Rome, informally referred to as The Mosque of Rome, for a tour of the breathtaking Mosque. The class took advantage of an unexpected free hour to take in some sights, namely the Piazza di Spagna.

Photos from Day 5: Rome and Romanians too

Andrea Palatnik - Crosses

Day 5 was a heady mix of religious men. From Fr. Siluan Span, the priest of the Romanian Orthodox church outside of Rome to Cardinal James Stafford, our class saw it all and brought cameras along to document. The day was also peppered with our usual meanderings about the city.

Photos from Day 4: Inside and outside the Vatican


Day 4 saw the class get lost in the Vatican Museum. While some of us stared deep into Michelangelo’s depiction of Genesis on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, others climbed to the top of St. Peter’s, taking arial snaps of Rome. We also visited the Community of Sant’Egedio and the Santa Maria in Trestevere Church.

Photos from Day 3: A blessing from the Pope

The Pope greets the crowd

Day 3 of our Roman expedition saw a visit to the Pontifical North American College, Mass at the NAC Seminary, Angelus with the Pope in St. Peter’s Square, a conference with the Archbishop of Canterbury and a dinner with Fathers Wauck and Keenan. What a day!

Photos from Day 2: Rome with a russian flavor


Day 2 in Rome saw the Religio team venture into various churches. After meeting with Father Wauck of the Pontifical College of the Holy Cross in St. Peter’s Square, we headed to Ponte Sant’Angelo Methodist Church, followed by a tour of the Russian Orthodox Church — but not before a quick meeting with the representative of the Press Office of the Holy See. Our action-packed day was topped of with a tour of Professor Stille’s favorite Roman sites.

Photos from Day 1: A first taste of Rome


Day 1 saw our long-awaited arrival in Rome. From the airport we headed (almost) straight to the Capitoline Hill, the Forum of Rome, the Jewish Ghetto and the Roman Synagogue.