The New York Review of Magazines

Follow the Tweeters

By Sonal Shah

Magazines: Vehicles for long, insightful, detailed writing. Twitter: A social media network that limits entries to 140 characters. How successful have magazines been at adapting to the world’s shortest information format? Here are our tweet-sized picks of the best magazine-related Twitter feeds:

@TVGuide tweets hourly, with celeb gossip and links to entertainment industry news. Juicy and concise.

@wired’s newsy, chatty tweets are often creatively abridged stories. Open questions make this a more interactive feed.

@theweekmagazine is strong on discussion, referencing specific writers or publications. Follows its followers, listens to readers.

@newyorker is good for keeping up with the magazine, but the @newyorkerest feed is better for curated “best of” links. Posts “the best” of The New Yorker. Currently “in hibernation mode.”

@spinmagazine’s frequently updated music news feed keeps you in the loop. Also has helpful links to musicians’ tweets.

@fastcompany is succinct and gets to the core of the business of innovation. Bonus points for simplicity and variety.

@UtneReader offers a smorgasbord, often presented as provocative facts and figures. The tagline — “Alternative media meets new media” — suits.

@thedailybeast is always quirky, always au courant. Often delivered in a slightly tantalizing way to lure readers to the links.

@NatGeoSociety gives a daily dose of odd, inspiring information. The links to multimedia stories are especially interesting.

@consumerreports keeps obsessive paranoiacs on top of recalls, investigations and recommendations.

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