Photos of the Day: March 16, 2010

By Covering Religion Staff

A pilgrim touches the hands of the Virgin Mary statue at the Church of the Annunciation. (Kasrawi/Journey to Jerualem)

A Latin inscription on the facade of the Church of the Annunciation in Nazareth exalts the Virgin Mary. (Sommer Saadi/Journey to Jerusalem)

Pilgrims pray at the Church of the Annunciation. (Omar Kasrawi/Journey to Jerusalem)

Sunil Joshi (L) and Sanaz Meshkinpour (second from left) interview Sheikh Abd Al-Salam Manasrah (R) while Ophir Yarden translates. (Mariana Cristancho-Ahn/Journey to Jerusalem)

Jose Leyva adjusts a plastic kippah at the Yosef Caro Synagogue in Safed. (Sommer Saadi/Journey to Jerusalem)

A woman prays at the Ashkenazi Ari Synagogue in Safed. (Omar Kasrawi/Journey to Jerusalem)

Lim Wui Liang (L) laughs as Sam Petulla pontificates over a cup of coffee in Safed. (Saadi/Journey to Jerusalem)

Ultra-Orthodox Jewish men worship at the tomb of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai. (Sam Petulla/Journey to Jerusalem)

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