Photos of the Day: March 19, 2010

By Covering Religion Staff

Men line up to pray outside the Old City on Friday, March 19. (Sam Petulla/Journey to Jerusalem)

Police officers in Jerusalem form a line as they watch protesters. (Sommer Saadi/Journey to Jerusalem)

Muslim men pray during a protest in Jerusalem. (Sommer Saadi/Journey to Jerusalem)

Demonstrators hold signs in opposition of settlements in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of Jerusalem. (Sommer Saadi/Journey to Jerusalem)

A woman pleads with officers to be allowed through Damascus Gate on Friday, Jerusalem. (Mamta Badkar/Journey to Jerusalem)

Protestors stand talking in Jerusalem as police officers look on. (Mamta Badkar/Journey to Jerusalem)

Between prayers, a protestor watches police officers in Jerusalem. (Mamta Badkar/Journey to Jerusalem)

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