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The forgotten building

Building feature

Residents of the Soundview houses where Judge Sotomayor grew up are told to wait until 2012 for basic repairs

Trying to stop the killing


Danny Barber organizes an anti-violence youth rally in response to a rash of shootings.

Rezoning confusion for Norwood’s business owners


Business owners on Webster Avenue contemplate their fate if new zoning policy takes hold.

Moshe Piller: How a New York Landlord Works the System

After 18 months of rehabilitation for a broken hip, all that Eta Eckstein wanted was to go back home to her Brooklyn apartment. The 92-year-old Holocaust survivor had lived at 8750 Bay Parkway for 40 years, but when her son visited her apartment while she was still at the Shore View Rehabilitation Center, he found a red eviction notice on the door.

Water Rates Increase has Bronxites Irate


The New York City Department of Environmental Protection heard from angry Bronxites last night who reject a proposed 12.9 percent increase in their water bill.

Put Some Cork in it!

Put Some Cork in it!

The world according to Ken Bollella, cork manufacturer.

Tenants Speak Out on Canceled Section 8 Vouchers

Tenants Speak Out on Canceled Section 8 Vouchers

South Bronx resident Lachonnz Morton fears losing her home of 33 years, after the city cancels Section 8 housing vouchers.

New Landlord for Troubled Building but Tenants Are Skeptical

2710 Bainbridge Av.

Repairs have started in the building left by previous owner with more than 200 violations.

U-Haul Declares Bronx America’s Fastest Growing City


But Demographers and the U.S. Census Bureau aren’t so sure…
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Bronx man falls to his death

A 35-year-old man fell to his death in an elevator shaft, while moving into an apartment building with his wife.