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Treasure Hunters in Brooklyn seek ‘understanding’

Metal detecting in Marine Park, Brooklyn

By: Suzanne Ma

You see them in Brooklyn’s parks, roaming the grounds with big head phones and strange gadgetry. Some call them “treasure hunters”; they call themselves detectorists. Banned from metal detecting in Prospect Park, the detectorists say they’re misunderstood. What are they searching for and why? The Brooklyn Ink’s Suzanne Ma went on the hunt in Marine Park to find out.

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This post was written by:

Suzanne Ma - who has written 10 posts on The Brooklyn Ink.

Suzanne Ma is a journalist living in New York City. She is a reporter for The Brooklyn Ink.

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  1. Snowy Says:

    Let them detect the parks ~ If you only knew how much trash they pulled from those grounds and put in the trash barrels you’d be begging them to clean up the parks!

    Nice video. It’s important for people to understand the care taken when digging targets. Cleats will damage the grounds more than a detectorist will, and as demonstrated in the video, you can see the care taken when holes are refilled.


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