When thinking of food we generally imagine only the process of growing the products that will end up at our local market for us to cook and eat. However, there are stories untold of the people who raise the cattle or grow the produce and grains we consume. Stories of communities using food to share their cultural traditions or religious beliefs. Stories of businesses and health that can affect the economy and the country’s policymaking.

To explore the vast world of food and its relationship to more than just eating, 17 students from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism are reporting about food in New York City. Crossing borough lines and speaking to nonprofit organizations and police leaders alike, the reporters will focus on uncovering the stories that associate food with security, business and finance, entertainment, religion, culture and diversity, health and medicine, sports, politics and government, immigration, education and more.

The students involved in this projects vary in age and journalistic interests, but they share a passion for ethical, objective and innovative journalism that can be accessible to all.

Tips or story suggestions can be provided via e-mail to nyfoodchain@gmail.com. Readers, press aides, businesses and organizations are encouraged to submit such information

This project is supported by Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. Founded by Joseph Pulitzer in 1912 the school has gained the reputation as a place for serious instruction and study of journalism. Through the years the school has adapted to the changes in the media and it continues to educate ethical journalists, ensuring they are equipped to serve the public good.

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