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Liberty Avenue in Richmond Hill, Queens, Little Guyana's busiest street.

Liberty Avenue in Richmond Hill, Queens, Little Guyana's busiest street.

Population 130,647 people living in New York City were born in Guyana.
Source: 2000 United States Census
Neighborhoods Richmond Hill: 17,600
South Ozone Park: 8,600
Woodhaven-Ozone Park: 7,200
Religion(s) Christianity, Hinduism, and Islam
Language(s) The official language is English, but almost everyone speaks Creolese, a fusion of European and African dialects. Also, Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu are spoken.
The first large wave of immigration occurred during the 1970s as Guyana experienced drastic economic and political changes. Source: MISSING

Population Facts:

  • At 49 percent, home ownership rates were above-average for the Guyanese. Source: MISSING
  • While a high percentage of Guyanese households were also female-headed, labor force participation rates for females were among the highest in the city, while those for males were at the city average or higher. Household incomes were either close to, or above the city median, and poverty rates were below the city average. Source: MISSING

Fun Facts:

  • Every spring, on the Sunday after the first full moon of the Hindu calendar, The Phagwah Parade is held in Richmond Hill, Queens. There is music and other cultural performances at Smokey Oval Park after the parade. Starts on Liberty Avenue and 133rd Street at noon.
  • One of Guyana’s signature dishes is a snack called roti, an Indian flatbread usually stuffed with curry meat or vegetables. There areat least a dozen places on Liberty Avenue alone that specialize in roti.
  • Many men in the Guyanese community raise black finches (and in some cases, smuggle them from Guyana) for “bird racing.” On the weekends, they meet in the park to compete to see how many times their bird can chirp in a given amount of time. This is a Guyanese pastime that many learned from their fathers.