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Bloomberg Administration Indicates it May Back Ban on Drilling

The Bloomberg administration indicated that it may back an all-out ban on natural gas drilling within the city’s massive upstate watershed, which supplies 9 million New York residents with drinking water. Ed Skyler, Deputy Mayor for Operations, said at a public hearing earlier this week that drilling could force the city to build expensive water treatment [...] [...more]

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City Residents Fight Bloomberg Garbage Plan

Although Mayor Bloomberg overwhelmingly carried the East 90’s in the last election, he is not a popular man among the residents here when it comes to the issue of garbage. The neighborhood is up in arms over his plan to re-open a huge garbage transfer site on East 91st Street and the FDR [...] [...more]

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Mayoral Candidates Sidestep Energy Debate

Mayoral Candidates Sidestep Energy Debate

The word environment was mentioned only once during the debate between Mayor Mike Bloomberg and Comptroller Bill Thompson on October 13th. Bloomberg named a long list of issues—environment just one among them—and urged voters who care about those issues to vote for him on Tuesday. The two candidates for mayor of New York City may have [...] [...more]

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