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Unlikely partners connect through food recycling

Every Friday, City Harvest, a non-profit organization that distributes donated food throughout the city, picks up, on average, more than 300 pounds of excess food from the University cafeteria where Pensac usually eats and delivers it around the neighborhood. [...more]

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Slideshow: Food Recycling, from our plate to yours

A photo slideshow: food recycling in one neighborhood making a difference. [...more]

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New York Butchers Bring Pasture-Raised Meat Closer to Home

As a child in a breezy Sicilian cliff-side village, I had a room with an unforgettable view. My balcony window framed layers upon layers of flowing countryside hills. Staring out at the terrain, I previewed the mandarin oranges, prickly pears, olives and tomatoes that we later used as ingredients in our meals. That view would [...] [...more]

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Documentary filmmakers are hungry for change

Byline: Melissa Muller Seven new documentaries about the sustainable food movement were previewed last night at the “Hungry Filmmakers” festival, a showcase for the burgeoning crop of films on farming. The recurring theme in all of them: no farms, no food, no future. One documentary, “What is Organic About Organic?” directed and produced by Shelly Rogers, was highlighted at [...] [...more]

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Greening the Big Apple

Now in his seventh year as the chairman of the New York City Council Environmental Protection Committee, Councilman James Gennaro has become an outspoken champion of some of New York’s most important environmental initiatives. He hasn't always succeeded, but a competitive spirit has helped him overcome numerous obstacles in life and in politics. [...more]

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Reinstating the Pigeon’s Good Name

Carla Gould, a student at New York University, is hard at work on disproving the belief that pigeons pigeons are pests and a public nuisance. As a first task, she's writing a handbook extolling the many virtues of pigeon excrement. [...more]

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A Food Safety Warrior Flourishes Amidst Health Department Profiteering

Over the past eighteen years, Michael Kelly has accumulated a laundry list of the unappetizing practices he has witnessed in restaurants. He has seen cooks, even in upscale restaurants, serve food picked up from the floor, mix tuna fish salads with their bare hands, and store knives that were used to cut chicken in between [...] [...more]

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Sustainable Seafood Course Now Available Online

Been wondering what “sustainable seafood” means now that it’s popping up on menus all across the city?  A new free online course offers some answers. The newly launched online “Sustainable Seafood Course,” a joint effort of Blue Ocean Institute and Chefs Collaborative, is geared toward, but not limited to, culinary professionals who want to make informed [...] [...more]

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