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Greening the Big Apple

Now in his seventh year as the chairman of the New York City Council Environmental Protection Committee, Councilman James Gennaro has become an outspoken champion of some of New York’s most important environmental initiatives. He hasn't always succeeded, but a competitive spirit has helped him overcome numerous obstacles in life and in politics. [...more]

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Reinstating the Pigeon’s Good Name

Carla Gould, a student at New York University, is hard at work on disproving the belief that pigeons pigeons are pests and a public nuisance. As a first task, she's writing a handbook extolling the many virtues of pigeon excrement. [...more]

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Fighting for 9/11 Environmental Justice

Eight years after 9/11, Kimberly Flynn remains at the front of an environmental justice movement facing dwindling funds and shrinking ranks. She won't rest until Congress and the President "take responsibility for this continuing public health disaster." [...more]

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Big Ideas, Many Challenges at NYC Model School for Green Jobs

In a classroom decorated with student posters on deforestation and global warming, a group of 9th grade students are debating a law that would ban fast food chains from within two blocks of a school. Most of them balk at the idea of being kept from the choice teenage fare, but one student raises [...] [...more]

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Proposed Sanitation Garage Facing Opposition from Community

Canal Park, one of New York’s oldest, stands as a triumph for the Hudson Square residents. Taken apart in the 1920’s to build the Holland Tunnel, the park was restored four years ago to look very similar to the 1888 design by Vaux and Parsons, the designers of Central Park. However, with the city’s plan [...] [...more]

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Green Cathedrals: The Spiritual Side of Horticulture

Equipped with a pair of garden scissors and gloves, Susan Sipos does not leave anything to chance. She organizes the volunteers at the Jefferson Market Garden with grace and precision, cueing them masterfully to rake leaves, trim branches and plant bulbs so that a careful arrangement of colors, scents and textures will delight visitors. [...more]

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Cultivating a New Life: Brooklyn-born Woman Follows Farming Dream

Megan Haney is neither particularly big nor apparently strong. Sitting at her kitchen table, surrounded by books and tchotchkes, drinking a cup of homemade basil tea, Haney looks like a professor. She’s near 40, wears glasses, her brown hair cut in a short, low-maintenance hairdo. Her appearance is pleasing, yet unassuming. But, she asserted, “I [...] [...more]

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